Add a "pop" of giant blooms to your garden

Hydrangea shrubs are one of the few shrubs that can tolerate shade and still produce large flower heads. Hydrangeas can tolerate sun also in the north as well. Today’s hydrangeas are available with blooms in the original “snowball” shape, elongated cone shape or the more delicate-looking lacecap. Even the foliage offers interest as some have leaves in the oakleaf shape, while others retain the original leaf shape. And now, there is a variegated hydrangea. This hydrangea has leaves that are bordered with white.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we offer many cultivars of hydrangea plants for sale, with a wide variety of colored flowers. These magnificent hydrangea flowers range in color from the original white to lime green, blue, pink, red and lavender. Some hydrangea flower heads start white and gradually add color for a continually changing display. Hydrangeas are affected by the pH of the soil they are grown in. The same plant will have pink blooms if grown in alkaline soil or blue flowers if the soil is acidic. If you have a preference, choose the color you prefer and amend the soil accordingly.