Rose Fertilizers & Soils

Give your roses the love they deserve

Roses have a reputation of being somewhat finicky. But roses give back what they get. The rose fertilizers and soils on this page will help you give your roses the love they deserve. Of course, the foundation of any garden is the soil. So, the first step in growing strong, healthy roses is to test and analyze your soil. Once you know what soil amendments you need, you can create an optimal growing environment with the proper pH, nutrients, moisture levels, and even the perfect amount of sunlight for your roses to thrive. To improve the quality of your garden soil, we carry soil inoculants that help build beneficial microbial activity to bring soil to life and give new transplants the best start possible once they are in the ground. We also sell growth stimulants to improve a plant’s root development and ability to utilize nutrients, which increases its flowering, fruiting, and drought resistance. Once your plants are off to their best start, we have fertilizers that, with only one application, feed your new roses all season long, keeping them happy, healthy, and blooming to full potential. Remember, a robust plant is also more capable of fighting off pests and diseases. But if problems do arise, we have organic and inorganic, topical and systemic, insecticides and disease control products. If you give your roses what they need, they will give you what you want: strong healthy plants blanketed in beautiful blooms for years to come.