Sun Perennials

Add color and fragrance to your sunny garden

The heart of almost any garden is a sun-loving perennial border, its plants an ever-changing display of blooms, foliage, fragrance and often fruits. As a bonus, these perennials are both attractive to and beneficial to pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies. Perennial plants for the sun will make your garden sing and shine. Choose from our wide selection of classic and contemporary named varieties, grown to perfection and shipped at proper planting time right to your doorstep. These truly are the best perennials for sun in your garden, and they are proven year over year of being able to handle the heat and still produce gorgeous blooms, beautiful leaves and even delicious fruits.

When choosing these gorgeous sun perennials, don’t just think about color and size—be sure to also consider when they bloom. That way, you can find plants that keep your garden bright and vibrant all year long with rotating the blooming season of different varieties. Ready to start planting? Get your high quality sun perennials today with Jackson & Perkins.