Shade Perennials

Find Bold Colors for Shady Spots

Full sun isn’t always necessary for an award-winning landscape filled with bold colors and bright fragrances. Jackson & Perkins offers an exquisite assortment of shade perennials to transform your garden and make those cool, shady spots pop. Perennial shade plants bring warm, eye-catching bursts of yellow, purple, orange, red and green to your space. These enduring plants can change with the fall foliage or even attract hummingbirds.

We have both full and part shade perennials in this assortment. Full shade perennials will thrive in environments where there is bright light but little or no direct sunlight (also known as dappled light). Part shade perennials, on the other hand, require at least three to six hours of sun each day (preferably in the morning and afternoon). Explore varieties of part and full shade perennials that suit your landscape style, including ferns, coral bells (heuchera) and hostas.