Butterfly Attractors

Bring butterflies to your garden

One of the best side effects of gardening is attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. They are so beautiful flying from flower to flower in search of nectar. These critters are also important pollinators in the garden, so it is important to attract them to your yard. Jackson & Perkins offers a wide selection of plants that attract butterflies, including the butterfly plant.

Each butterfly has specific needs for the different stages of its life; however, if you want mature butterflies in your garden, there are a number of commonalities. Many butterflies are large, and they will be more likely to come to your garden if you provide plants with large flower heads for them to land on. Butterflies like tubular flowers that hold the nectar they want to feed on.

If you want butterflies in your garden, take the time to research the native butterflies in your region of the country and provide those plants in your garden. The monarch is a migrating butterfly, but most butterflies stay in the area they were born and overwinter there as long as they can find the plants they need.