Climbing Clematis Flowers, Plants & Vines

Striking blooms and strong vines

Climbing clematis adds tons of charm and a punch of color to small outdoor spaces. This long-lasting plant often provides hardy vine coverage, perfect for creating a lovely vertical display to any landscape or architectural element. Situate a climbing clematis near a trellis, arched doorway, arbor or pergola and watch it grow high and twine around. Its floriferous blooms come in bright colors from soft pinks to bold reds and silvery whites, offering an array of choices. Many clematis flowers also release a delicate seed fluff that can be seen dancing on breezy days, portraying an enchanting atmosphere to any landscape.

At Jackson & Perkins, we offer the best clematis flowers and clematis plants. As a hardy perennial plant , it’s sure to come back year after year, adding lush green leaves and beautiful blooms. Add a clematis flower with climbing roses to create the perfect pair, complementing the other as they twine and reach new heights. Their fragrant scent never competes and only harmonizes with the aroma of roses.